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Looking for a better work / life balance?

Looking to be your own boss?

An EPMS Franchise could be for you!

Join the EPMS Franchise Group today ...  A brilliant opportunity!

Be the next successful Franchisee  -  Franchise opportunities are available in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas for garden, lawn and general property maintenance.

Franchise and franchisee opportunities for garden and lawn mowing care and general property maintenance - commercial premises, residential body corporates and private residences including lawnmowing acreage.

Interested?  We invite you to try us out first ...

Spend 2 - 3 days with one of our experienced Franchise operators (close to your area) to give you a feel for how an EPMS Franchisee operates their business.


This will definitely help you make the decision if owning an EPMS Franchise is suitable for you. 




Every day, people are looking to own their own business  -  to be their own boss!  One of the easiest ways to make this happen is to become a Franchisee.  As an EPMS Franchisee, you are able to utilise systems and clients that are already in place thereby enabling you to start making an income from day one.

Executive Property Maintenance Services (EPMS) have Franchise opportunities available in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

A good Franchise operator will easily earn much more per week as part of our Franchise group, than being a single operator.  This is due to  -

the power behind a recognisable brand ;

ongoing training available as and when required ;

continuous specialist advice being available ; and

ongoing professional advertising.

Process for becoming an EPMS Franchisee

A meeting will be set up for you to discuss an EPMS Franchise opportunity with our Director.

We will arrange for you to spend 2 - 3 days with one of our experienced Franchise operators (more days can be arranged if you are still undecided).  This will determine and satisfy both parties as to whether or not becoming an EPMS Franchise operator is a 'good fit' for you.

Once the decision has been made to progress, the Franchise Agreement paperwork will then be commenced.

Training period

After signing the Franchise Agreement, your two (2) week training period will begin. During this training period, you will learn our operating procedures including how to look after clients effectively and how to perform the work required for each job so that a high quality of service is maintained thus keeping a good name for EPMS and your fellow EPMS Franchisees.


Where possible, you will also be introduced to some of your clients  (body corporate work and industrial sites do not always have people available to meet).

Transfer of Title  -  trailer and equipment

After signing the Franchise Agreement and cleared funds have been deposited into the Franchisor Trust Account by you, the trailer and equipment Title will be transferred into your business name.  You must hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST.

Client handover


After the two (2) week training period, the applicable established and regular clients will be listed as the Franchisee's (your) clients and their details provided to you.  These clients, from that date, will be the exclusive responsibility of your EPMS franchise run.

This allows you to start earning income immediately from this time and you can use this client base to build your income further - read further below to find out how!

Franchisee areas | Compact runs

As you will discover when reading this section of information, an EPMS Franchise is not only a profitable business to own and run, it also provides a flexible franchisee system, which means you can earn more money - here's how ...


We do not allocate specific suburbs / areas to EPMS Franchisees.  We feel it is too difficult to mark certain boundaries as some areas contain far more working opportunities than others.

However, every effort will be made to provide a Franchisee with a 'compact run' to minimise travelling and fuel expenses.

An EPMS Franchisee can nominate which area they prefer and every reasonable effort will be made to provide extra work in these areas.

An EPMS Franchisee, whose run has grown too large to manage effectively (and chooses not to employ others), can introduce a potential new EPMS Franchisee operator.

If an EPMS Franchisee has a job out of their desired geographical area of work, they are welcome to swap / trade another job for this job with another EPMS Franchisee or EPMS Head Office.

As the EPMS Franchise Group continues to grow, the more compact you can make your run by selling / swapping / trading your remote jobs.  This will assist with reducing travel time and fuel expenses, thereby making your run more profitable.


Group advertising campaigns are co-ordinated by EPMS Franchise management. As the EPMS Franchise Group continues to grow, larger advertising campaigns will be carried out.  Franchisees are invited to provide suggestions for advertising campaigns, however the Franchisor makes the final decision as to what advertising is undertaken at the appropriate time.

Unlimited growth potential

Through hard work and by maintaining the high service standards expected by clients and the EPMS Franchise Group you will see, after a short time period, that you are able to build a healthy and substantial business.    An EPMS Franchisee can easily grow their business large enough to employ full time staff.

Franchise and franchisee opportunities for garden and lawn mowing care and general property maintenance services in Brisbane CBD north to Aspley south to Gold Coast east to Wynnum and west to Ipswich.

Interested in becoming part of the EPMS Franchise Group?

Property maintenance services from Brisbane CBD north to Aspley south to Gold Coast east to Wynnum and west to Ipswich.
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